Iowa OER Toolkit

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The Iowa OER Toolkit is a set of documents, presentations, and other materials curated in Google Drive to help those starting or managing OER initiatives in the state of Iowa.

NOTE: This resource was created for you! If you have recommendations for changes to this Toolkit or resources you would like us to add, please send those to Abbey Elder at

Landing Page & Directory

From the Toolkit’s Landing page, you can navigate through to any of the folders linked below. Browse through the available topics and explore the resources available for use and reuse.

1. Getting Started: Learn about OER

Includes basic information about OER (presentations, handouts, FAQs), resources to help you locate open content, and curated lists of webinars, research studies, handbooks, and learning communities.

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2. Building an OER Initiative

Includes example documents for those building out a new OER initiative, from addressing specific audiences to planning projects or building grant programs.

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3. Higher Ed Initiative Resources

Includes subfolders on Working with Faculty: Tenure & Promotion for OER, FAQs, and faculty training; Collaborating with Students: example Student Government resolutions, student surveys, and toolkits; and Building Administrative Support: example efficacy reports and talking points.

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4. Media & Brochures for Outreach

Includes example graphics, handouts, games, posters, and brochures to help you advertise and promote OER on your campus.

Image left is by Lane Community College OER bookmarks, licensed CC-BY-NC-SA 2.0.

5. Iowa OER Action Team Projects

Includes materials developed and shared out through the Iowa OER Action Team, including the results of our annual survey of Iowa institutions, one-pager summaries of survey results, our team’s communications, plan, and a base OER presentation about our work.

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6. Resources for K-12 Coordinators

Includes curated information and resources for OER coordinators working in the K-12 space, as well as handouts and graphics about OER aimed at a K-12 audience.

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7. Open Education Network Resource Hub

Includes presentations, handouts, workshop materials and more available to Iowa institutional through our membership with the Open Education Network.